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a creative womanhood

this is us

this is us

Or more correctly; this is me. 

My name is Sanna-My and I'm the woman behind By Women studio. I'm a coffee-loving feminist and environmentalist, living in Malmö together with my husband, Sebastian. I used to work with marketing and communication before I realized I needed to do something more meaningful with my life, and yes I know - that sounds a lot like a cliche. But a road trip all the way from California to New York City in 2017, was the point of no return. During this trip I met so many incredible and strong women who inspired me to the idea of doing something else. And this 'something else' turned out to be By Women studio. Said and done, when I got back home to Sweden I quit my full time and well paid job, invested all my savings, and in February 2018 my very own small shop in Malmö was opened. I really look forward to what this adventure will bring in the future. But most of all I'm so grateful for all the people who supports me and stands behind me in the fight for a more equal world where women are given more power and space.


Sanna-My Engen, founder & owner